Dinant throws A world of new sensations with Kaori

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  • martes 5 noviembre 2019

    Dinant throws A world of new sensations with Kaori

    Tegucigalpa, November 5, 2019. Dinant continues to innovate in the market, now presents a world of new sensations thanks to Kaori Aromatic Candles, a brand that adds to the Corporation’s broad portfolio.

    Kaori, which means fragrance in Japanese, gathers a mixture mostly of vegetable oils, such as stearin, which is extracted from the fruit of the 100% Honduran oil palm, managing to offer a higher yield.

    Tiara Facusse, Kaori’s brand manager, commented during the launch that “this is a dream come true, Kaori was created to fill the spaces of our homes with pleasant sensations, each fragrance will make us live a full sensory experience, that’s why we feel very satisfied to present a product of the best quality ”.

    The perfumes of Kaori candles are created by the perfumers of the most prestigious Swiss-origin fragrance house in the world. This is how six aromas develop: Bouquet de Flores, Vanilla Lavender, Red Fruits, Apple-Cinnamon and Luminous Forest.

    Fragrances are designed from essential oils which makes them enveloping aromas; made with the support of Ricardo Neri, a perfume creator from Firmenich, with more than 22 years of experience in the cosmetics and home products industry.

    Kaori Aromatic Candles will be available in supermarkets, department stores and specialized stores such as El Armario, in presentations of 73g., 140g. and 225g.

    About the aromas of Kaori

    Flower Bouquet:
    It is a fragrance built on an fl oral bouquet, where the Tiaré and Fresia flowers are present at the exit to give freshness thanks to the fruity, fresh, solar appearance.
    On his body the notes of jasmine and orchids build a very clean oral-sweet profile that conveys all the sensuality of white flowers.
    In the background, oriental notes, musk reinforce its elegant and sophisticated appearance.

    It is a fragrance that awakens the senses thanks to the creamy chantilly notes at the exit, reinforcing a vanilla-coconut body, which makes it a very forgiving fragrance that conveys a feeling of well-being.

    It is a very sophisticated aromatic fragrance, which transmits freshness and relaxation. The combination of rosemary and sap at the exit, provide a unique revitalization effect.
    In the heart, the combination of woody-nail notes gives lavender a warm effect associated with comfort.
    Basically, the balsamic, musk notes provide a sweetness and complement the elegant profile.

    It is a sensual and fun fragrance thanks to the combination of red fruits at the exit.
    The green notes reinforce the natural appearance, while the notes of rubarbo in the heart provide a sparkling and juicy sensation, making it a very forgiving fragrance associated with feelings of happiness.

    Cinnamon apple:
    It is a fragrance that transports us to our home, thanks to the combination of cinnamon-apple notes that convey familiarity.
    Its spicy nutmeg and clove profile complement the feeling of warmth.

    Luminous Forest:
    It is a fragrance inspired by the Alaska Cedar that has a unique sparkling profile thanks to the combination of aromatic notes with grapefruit at the exit, which complement a warm woody body. Turning it into a unique and lasting fragrance.

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