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Corporate plans

One of Dinant's strategic pillars is the care of occupational safety for its collaborators in its work centers. To this end, our company develops activities within Plans, Campaigns, Diagnostics and Occupational Safety Inspections that pursue the objectives of reducing risks and contingencies through Prevention and continuous Improvement.

Type of risk

We have identified Hazard and Risk Matrices on which control and prevention plans are developed, configured under the Hierarchies of Controls and covering different categories of Hazards, among which we can mention:


Using participatory methodologies and thanks to great teamwork, all company operations develop periodic analyzes of each of the tasks and activities carried out by both our collaborators and contractors, in order to identify their dangers and evaluate the risks of each job. Leaders from all areas diligently support the achievement of these analyzes

that are carried out through a set of matrices that also include hierarchies of hazard controls, through which exposure to risks of collaborators and facilities is reduced, from the elimination of the risk at its source, to the use of required Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

Management System

Along with all the components of a Management System based on ISO45001:2018 Standards, Dinant has drawn up its performance indicators in order to: Reduce the frequency and severity of work accidents, maintain technical, preventive and participatory inspections and develop training plans and safety micro-talks for workers and others.

We permanently monitor the legal provisions and occupational safety regulations applicable to our operations. At the same time, measurements of the work environment are kept under control in all places where applicable, through constant monitoring of factors such as noise, lighting, temperature and air particles in the work environment.