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Morrón Chili

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Morrón Chili

The growth of peppers and other Solanaceae crops in Honduras and other Latin American countries, for exporting to the United States, require strict fulfillment of exportation protocols endorsed by the USDA APHIS and SENASA (Honduras), which approve the non-incidence of quarantine pests, specially fruit flies and mediterranean flies; this also includes the registration and auditing on behalf of the FDA and other United States and Canadian authorities.

In protected structures, called Greenhouses or Net Houses, we grow for the export of red, yellow, and orange peppers of the California variety, or Blocky, a square-shaped fruit with four lobes, which conserves its peduncle.

45 acres are grown in the Comayagua valley, of which, and depending on the clients, approximately 50% of red color are grown, 25% of yellow color, and 25% of orange color, which are packed in several presentations, be it loose or combined.

The packaging plant has cutting edge technology, with a capacity of 5 TM/HR, which allows us to dispatch up to thirty 40 (forty) foot containers per week.  Likewise, an installed cold store capacity of 1,800 cubic meters, which store up to 8 containers, has allowed us to send more than 5 million crates to the North American market (USA and Canada).