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At Dinant we seek to ensure sustainability in all our crops, from the supply chain to the final product, including the social, environmental and economic aspects. We consider Independent Producers as a key ally to achieve this sustainable and comprehensive evolution in the region.

Our mission is to raise quality-of-life standards of producers, their families and communities, improving productivity, sustainability and economic viability.Within the supply chain there are more than 3,000 Independent Producers, located on the Atlantic coast of Honduras, contributing to the direct and indirect income of more than 16,000 beneficiaries.

Dinant's Supplier Services Unit (USP for its acronym in Spanish) is in charge of direct relations with independent producers who supply oil palm fruit to Dinant.


Benefits to Producers

Support on the Path to Sustainability: Based on comprehensive technical assistance, at Dinant we seek to support our suppliers in the implementation of certification standards in order to guarantee their inclusion within the international market.

Thanks to this program, between 2018 and 2022, Dinant kept an average of 1,200 certified hectares from independent producers (in ISCC EU and ISCC PLUS). For this process, we contributed by carrying out specialized studies such as ESIA, analysis of land use change and High Conservation Values, and training in the management system.

INDICATOR: Regarding training of this support program, during the year 2023, 290 hours of training were provided to direct independent producers.

Assistance in Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) with emphasis on:

A. Fertilization and phytosanitary control programs: Support in the analysis, interpretation and recommendation of fertilization plans. In addition, implementation of practices in Integrated Pest Management (IPM).

B. Harvest quality: Through the assistance of our field leaders, we make technical recommendations on good harvest practices, in order to improve productivity in plantations.

C. Genetic material: Supply of plants from certified seeds for planting. These genetic materials are tolerant to adverse conditions such as soil, climate and diseases, low growth rate and high productivity.