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For Dinant, the most important value is ITS PEOPLE, so we all become part of a family that builds a place to work happily for a lifetime. We put Passion and Effort into everything we do, knowing that even the smallest contribution adds to our vision to make Dinant a world-class company.

At the regional level we add to this family more than 7,600 collaborators in our different divisions: commercial, manufacturing and agribusiness.

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Recognized in several of our operations at a regional level as one of the Best Companies to Work for by the Great Place to Work Institute, we continue to build a culture for which we are renowned, by the continuous search for high standards under an environment of harmony and cooperation.


Dinant is For You

Organizational Development

In order to coordinate actions to promote Talent Management of collaborators, we have a Dinant Competency Model, which defines the necessary competencies for each position, and which, by carrying out various training and education programs, contributes to the development of the company's members, enhancing their talent within the Dinant family.


The work environment is decisive for our performance and the achievement of Dinant's objectives. For this reason, we carry out this measurement, as well as training of our leaders so that together we all try to maintain a harmonious and challenging work environments that contribute to our development.


We constantly work to design special and differentiated benefits for our collaborators, managing to foster pride and a sense of belonging to our company, by improving conditions and environments so that our work environment is attractive and comfortable, providing a satisfactory work experience.

We have a platform that we have called the Benefits Catalog for all our collaborators in Central America and the Caribbean, which gathers different legal and differentiated labor benefits to which the Dinant family has access, so that the collaborator can consult, apply and enjoy.

smile Physical Well-being
Occupational Health Clinics: Administered by qualified doctors, nurses, who at each workplace direct different health programs, such as
  • Ergonomics
  • Hearing conservation
  • Respiratory conservation
  • Dermatological care
  • Addiction prevention program
  • Painful back and shoulder school
Pioneers in the Back and Shoulder School - certified by the Social Security Institute of each site Breastfeeding Room: We make “Breastfeeding and Working” possible. In each Dinant Clinic, a space is being set up for a BREASTFEEDING ROOM, so to date we have 2 rooms in Honduras and 1 in El Salvador. This is a project that is expanding regionally as a primary objective of the company. INDICATOR: More than 60 women benefited from our BREASTFEEDING ROOMS Health Fairs with Comprehensive Benefit: Held at least once a year, employees and their families have access to free medical consultations and some at very low cost, medications, orientation talks on health issues, healthy challenges, among others.
smile Mental Wellness
We promote a balance between work and family life in our collaborators, allowing them to enjoy special
  • Work Anniversary Day Off: We celebrate one more year at DINANT by granting you a day off in the month of your anniversary.
  • Paternity Leave: We grant 3 business days to new parents.
  • Birthday Day Off: We celebrate the joy of your birth, giving you the day off on your birthday.
  • Marriage Permit: If you decide to get married, we give you 5 days off so you can enjoy this new stage more.
We share experiences as a great DINANT Family! We have a different culture, where we are happy to share quality time with you in celebrations, social and recreational activities that make you smile. Mother's Workshop: As the site with the largest number of collaborators, the Snacks Plant in Honduras has a Breastfeeding Room in order to provide a controlled and hygienic space especially suitable for the process of exclusive breastfeeding
smile Economic Wellness
Private Medical Expense Insurance We have medical expense insurance available to collaborators, with a wide network of health professionals, including specialists, as well as hospitals, pharmacies, laboratories and radio imaging, where the collaborator has the benefit of paying only a percentage at the time of request, as well as processing outpatient reimbursement Maternity Insurance: Private care insurance for female collaborators and wives of the collaborators, according to existing policy conditions and based on local market values. Optional insurance (Dental, Ophthalmological, Funeral):
  • Dental: A tool to prevent oral problems, with preventive curative and restorative treatments, and coverage for cleaning, filling, extraction, endodontics, fluoride application, sealants, among others.
  • Ophthalmological: The best way to protect your eyes and the health of your vision, ophthalmological insurance that covers the purchase of lenses and ophthalmological consultations.
  • Funeral Insurance: For those difficult moments, additional coverage for funeral expenses in the event of the death of the collaborator, their dependents, parents and in-laws.
  • Life Insurance according to the policy purchased for the collaborator: Life insurance is available for all collaborators, according to conditions negotiated by the company with the banking entity that provides better benefits and conditions to our staff.
  • Dinant Minimarket: Close to salary payment dates, in the different operating sites in Honduras, the DINANT Minimarket is available, where collaborators can buy our products at very low prices, thereby benefiting access to basic basket products for the families that make up our company.
DINANT Limited Mixed Cooperative: There is an exclusive Cooperative for collaborators, whose vision focuses on offering a varied portfolio of quality services that satisfy the needs and desires of the members of the Dinant family, maximizing their resources, creating common and lasting value. As part of the benefits offered, we have:
  • Study Scholarships for our collaborators and their children.
  • Automatic loans with special rates
  • Loans for the purchase of a vehicle, land or home
  • Extra financing
To date, more than 1,000 school scholarships have been given to the children of our collaborators Alliances with Universities - discounts and additional benefits — DINANT has established alliances with different national schools and universities to provide aids ranging from discounts to scholarships for employees who wish to complete their high school and university studies At DINANT we seek the best for our collaborators, to whom for more than 60 years we have brought WELL-BEING and PROSPERITY. Our greatest gratification is knowing that they are in an attractive and comfortable work environment, living a satisfactory work experience with comprehensive benefits.

Vision of inclusion at Dinant

In order to provide spaces and tasks that can be carried out by all people who wish to work at Dinant, we have developed regional instructions through which guidelines, means and ways of welcoming people with disabilities are established. This instruction is part of a guide to promote labor inclusion from the recruitment processes to the performance of tasks in different jobs.


Inclusive HIV/AIDS Response Policy in the Workplace


Stigma and discrimination towards people with HIV are some of the social factors that directly affect the development of people, which is why Dinant as a company, is aware of the importance of implementing actions in the workplace to be able to provide response to HIV in the country. We recognize the need to contribute to the eradication of stigma and discrimination in the workplace, contribute to respect for human rights of people with HIV regardless of any distinction of age, ethnicity, sex, gender identity or sexual orientation or any other social condition.

We make our social commitment our own by incorporating good practices in the field of Corporate Social Responsibility in relation to HIV, creating and adopting this Inclusive HIV/AIDS Response Policy in the Workplace.

Dinant was recognized by USAID through its FANCAP project, as a pioneer company in Honduras for the creation of this policy.