Dinant launches Roku and Zixx Orange soaps

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  • viernes 20 julio 2018

    Dinant launches Roku and Zixx Orange soaps

    Dinant, leader in the Homecare category, presented its new brand Roku, a soap formulated for effective stain and dirt removal, with lasting fragrance, higher durability, and home economy.

    In its cylindrical 425 mg presentation, Roku offers a potent formula, which makes it more efficient and lasts longer, at a very affordable price.

    The Homecare division additionally presented Zixx Orange, a new formula from its traditional soap, which keeps clothes soft, clean, and protects colors due to its latest generation technology, which stays in the garments and creates a barrier which prevents decoloring, additionally saving time, effort, and money, being able to dedicate to those who we most care for, our family.

    While presenting these new products, Mauricio Oliva, Homecare Director, mentioned that “Roku and Zixx Orange have arrived to turn into a prefered product due to its high quality, its fragrance, durability, cleaning effectiveness, and care towards our clothes, with which it reaffirms its leadership in the national and regional market, as an innovative and constantly expanding company”.