Dinant Expands Investment in Local Communities

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  • jueves 1 diciembre 2022

    Dinant Expands Investment in Local Communities

    Company Volunteers Repair Schools, Donate Food, Plant Trees & Provide Training

    Dinant donated 1,800 backpacks to school children in neighboring communities.

    TEGUCIGALPA, HONDURAS, NOVEMBER 29, 2022: Dinant increased its investment in local communities throughout Honduras in 2022, providing a range of support from repairing schools and donating food and cleaning supplies to providing human rights training and planting trees.

    Roger Pineda Pinel, Dinant’s Director of Corporate Relations and Sustainability, said, “Dinant has invested extensively in health and nutrition, education, infrastructure, education, environmental sustainability and philanthropy for local communities in 2022, benefitting nearly 44,000 people in Honduras. But we want to do more.”

    • A major focus of Dinant’s community engagement is supporting education. Dinant donated 1,800 backpacks containing school supplies to local children, while Company volunteers made much-needed repairs to community schools. The Miguel Facusse Foundation also donated construction materials, electrical wiring and lighting to improve local schools and kindergartens.
    • Improving the health and nutrition of vulnerable people in adjacent neighborhoods remains a Company priority. In Comayagua, Dinant delivered 5,000 kilos (11,000 lbs) of food to public authorities, as well as more than 1,300 kilos (2,800 lbs) of food to the Global FoodBank network in Honduras, Costa Rica, Guatemala, and Nicaragua. In San Pedro Sula, the Company donated cleaning products and food to families affected by flooding from the Ulua and Chamelecón rivers.
    • In partnership with local health authorities, Dinant hosted “a day of fluoridation” for 1,500 children in Zacate Grande, Comayagua, San Pedro Sula, Lean and Aguán. The Company has made financial donations to several health-related causes, including the Comprehensive Rehabilitation Center in Colón, Operation Smile, and the Emma Romero de Callejas Cancer Center in Tegucigalpa.
    • In Choloma, volunteers from Dinant’s bleach and snacks factories and distribution center planted over 270 trees of various species. Dinant volunteers also joined with members of the Honduran Air Force and local officials to plant over 1,500 native trees in Comayagua.
    • Local infrastructure problems continue to hamper many communities. In Comayagua, Dinant donated materials for the construction of a bridge to make life easier for 120 local families.
    • In the Aguan, Dinant partnered with the Tocoa Women’s Office to train community leaders on women’s rights, preventing child labor, care of the environment, and efficient use of water.

    Roger Pineda continued, “It has been an exceptionally busy year for our dedicated teams of social workers, who are based at the heart of neighboring communities. The partnerships we have formed with local people have improved the living standards of thousands of Hondurans, and we’re excited to do more next year.”

    About Corporacion Dinant

    Dinant’s products are sold across Central America and the Dominican Republic. The Company directly employs 7,800 people, who in turn support approximately 22,000 family members, as well as thousands of contractors, vendors and suppliers.