Dinant and Panama community share ideas; resolve to work closely together

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  • martes 16 febrero 2016

    Dinant and Panama community share ideas; resolve to work closely together

    Part of Dinant’s Expanded Community Engagement Program in Aguán

    As part of its expanded social engagement program in Honduras, representatives of Corporación Dinant met recently with members of the Panama community in the Aguán to discuss the company’s impact on the neighborhood, to listen to people’s concerns, and to share ideas on how to live and work together in more productive ways.

    Company spokesman, Roger Pineda, commented, “Dinant is striving to be a good neighbor and a more socially responsible business. We hosted this meeting with the Panama community – the first of many meetings here and at other locations in the region – so that we can listen to valued members of this community, explain how we are trying to improve as a company and, together, work hard to find practical solutions to some of the problems that we all face in the Aguán.”

    Dinant also used the meeting to invite feedback on the company’s Community Grievance Mechanism for the Aguán, a process that is being established in collaboration with community leaders in the region to provide members of the public with simple, safe and reliable ways of engaging with the company.

    Mr. Pineda continued, “I am delighted that local people used the meeting to propose ideas on how Dinant can help them, for example, bysupporting the local school and enabling people to get better access to water. We shall study those issues carefully to see what can be done. Given the unique historical challenges facing the Aguán, this was a very positive meeting and a great start to Dinant’s expanded engagement program in the area. But there is still a lot more to do. That is why we shall be continuing our dialogue with the people of the Panama community – and many communities throughout Honduras where Dinant operates – on a daily basis.”

    Besides such meetings, there are several ways that people affected by Dinant’s operations can provide feedback, ask questions and share ideas, including via the company website and a dedicated telephone hotline, and by speaking to the company’s professional community liaison workers based at the heart of the communities in which the company operates, including the Aguán. Dinant will listen to all ideas and concerns raised and work hard to find constructive resolutions.

    About Corporación Dinant

    Dinant is a family-owned consumer products manufacturer founded in Honduras in 1960. Its products are sold across Central America and the Dominican Republic, and exported to global markets. Dinant employs 8,000 people, supports over 22,000 livelihoods, generates millions of US dollars in exports for theHonduran economy, and contributes significantly to all communities in which it operates. Dinant rigorously benchmarks its operations against stringent international standards regarding the economic, environmental and social impact of its African Palm oil business. All Dinant facilities in Honduras have achieved ISO 14000 and OHSAS 18001 status for high standards of environmental management and occupational health & safety. Dinant adheres to the Voluntary Principles on Security and Human Rights, andhas invested significantly in building better relations with local communities through regional grievance mechanisms and employing local social workers.

    Tegucigalpa, Honduras, February 16, 2016
    Roger Pineda, roger.pineda@dinant.com, +(504) 2239-8800