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  • miércoles 25 enero 2023


    •  Once again Dinant rejects the serious and unfounded accusations made by the Agrarian Platform of the Aguán in its various public pronouncements.

    • Dinant reiterates its call for peace, employment and law enforcement.

    • Dinant is an organization that respects Human Rights, but also national and international laws

    Dinant firmly rejects the irresponsible and unacceptable accusations made without any basis by the Agrarian Platform of the Aguán and the Coordinator of Popular Organizations of the Aguán (COPA) with the intention of linking the company with criminal organizations and acts.

    These complaints are distractors that cover up a serious situation of violence in the Bajo Aguán region, supported by the existence of an illegal economy that has been on the rise.

    Dinant rejects and condemns all acts of violence and human right violations, especially when such acts have resulted in loss of life, as is the unfortunate case of Mr. Omar Cruz Tomé, President of La Cooperativa de los Laureles who was recently the victim of homicide.

    We reiterate our call to the government of Honduras to expedite the investigations that lead to the prompt clarification of these crimes and corroborate the falsity of the delicate allegations made.

    Dinant reiterates its absolute willingness to collaborate with justice in cases where it is required and expresses its permanent willingness to provide the necessary collaboration to human right organizations that perform the important function of observers and mediators in the conflict.

    Dinant is a transparent company in its actions, which has created thousands of jobs and business opportunities in Honduras over more than sixty years of history. Dinant has been and will continue to be a great company generating value, well-being and opportunities throughout the nation.