Sustainable extraction of Corozo

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Sustainable extraction of Corozo

With the support of the Dutch Development Cooperation Service, SNV, and the BID-Fomin, Dinant has included the communities in the Corozo Palm’s sustainable production chain, increasing the income of the Pech, Garínufa, and Ladinas’s ethnic communities around 70%, and benefiting along with this more than 400 families in rural zones with very high unemployment rates.

Dinant installed a collection center equipped with electric energy and semi-industrial machinery, which allows the processing of hundreds of sacks containing the fruit of the Corozo palm.  Before this project, these communities were only able to process one sack per day.

Through this initiative, Dinant helps provide employment to citizens with limited means, and improves their quality of life by including them in the company’s productive chain.

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