Assistance for Independent Producers

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Assistance for Independent Producers

One of Dinant’s main strategic allies in the Oil Palm development are Independent Producers, for whom the company employs a training and technical assistance program in a systematic and continuous manner; as well as support in their financial management ahead of national and foreign banking, with this contributing to the development of the palm sector, ensuring sustainability of the crop in the social, as well as the environmental aspect, starting from its sourcing chain, until the final product.

The program developed by Dinant for Independent Producers counts with trainings, technical counseling in finances, adequate use of crops and fertilization, better agricultural infrastructure, and efficient transportation of fresh fruit bunches.

Up to date, Dinant works side by side with more than 2,500 Independent Oil Palm Producers, in the Atlantic coastline and Honduras, contributing to the direct income of more than 12,000 beneficiaries.

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