Uk holds forum on Human Rights in Honduras

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  • viernes 1 marzo 2019

    Uk holds forum on Human Rights in Honduras

    Dinant Invited to Share Significant Progress of its Palm Oil Business

    TEGUCIGALPA, HONDURAS, March 1, 2019:

    Dinant recently attended a special forum organized by the British Ambassador for Honduras, Tom Carter, on the important relationship between business and human rights.

    As the first company in Honduras to adopt the Voluntary Principles on Security and Human Rights – an internationally accepted benchmark that strictly governs how companies recruit and train their security guards, and how they engage with members of the community – Dinant was invited to talk about the significant progress the company is making in challenging parts of Honduras where it has operated for many years.

    Company spokesman, Roger Pineda, said, “I am proud of Dinant’s progress, but I know that there is always more we can do to improve our relationships with local communities. I am grateful to Ambassador Carter for giving Dinant the opportunity to share our experiences and to learn more about Civil Societies’ general concerns for human rights in Honduras.”

    Chris Goodwin-Hudson of Watchman, a specialist on the relationship between security and human rights, and with experience of Honduras, also spoke at the forum. He commented afterwards, “The situation in the Aguán is complex and multilayered. In the past, allegations of human rights abuses have been heightened by the involvement of highly politicized peasant groups, well-meaning NGOs who have presented conjecture as fact, and some mainstream media that have favored sensationalized headlines over balanced reporting. Underpinning all of these concerns has been the violent role played by organized crime. The event hosted by COHEP served to reassure and build confidence that participants from across the spectrum, including Government, Civil Society, the private sector and the UK’s diplomatic representation, are committed to bringing meaningful peace to those parts of Honduran society that most need it.”

    The forum “Risk management associated to Human Rights and Voluntary Principles on Security and Human Rights” was a joint initiative by Advocacy for Business and Human Rights (ABHR), Watchman, and the British Embassy. More information is provided on the UK Government website here:

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