Public Statement Sept 3rd, 2013

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  • jueves 5 septiembre 2013

    Public Statement Sept 3rd, 2013

    Public Statement

    Dinant makes public aware that on Tuesday September 3rd, an eviction order was executed for San Isidro Plantation, property from our affiliated company Exportadora del Atlántico, which was invaded by a group of people who had taken possession of it since June 2012.

    This eviction was successfully developed by the public forces, caring for the respect of the individual’s human rights and according to the information we handled, when the authorities came to the area, the invaders evicted the same voluntarily. We congratulate the authorities that participated in this action, since it was carried out without incident to regret.

    In the same way, we extend our gratitude to the people who invaded the property and who finally decided to submit voluntarily to the Honduras Republic Courts orders, in response to a decision of the First Court of Civil Appeals of Francisco Morazán department, being ratified by the Constitutional Chamber of the Supreme Court of Justice, by being part of the eviction in the invaded areas. We extend an invitation to these groups to keep their respect for laws and private property, as well as avoiding actions that could endanger the lives of our employees and the population in general.

    Thanks to this action, Dinant – Exportadora del Atlántico has returned to work to our plantation a group of employees, generating once again, income and benefit for their families, guaranteeing livelihood to provide for their families as well.

    We hope that law and order can be maintained, that the order issued by the courts can be respected and that these families can have the opportunity to have a decent, peaceful and harmonious work.

    We emphasize that Dinant – Exportadora del Atlántico is a company that is governed by the unrestricted adherence to the laws and the respect for the life of all individuals.

    Tegucigalpa, M.D.C. September 3rd, 2013