New products are launched: Zixx Nenitos, Zixx Neutral and Peanut with vinegar and chili

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  • miércoles 7 noviembre 2018

    New products are launched: Zixx Nenitos, Zixx Neutral and Peanut with vinegar and chili

    November 7th, 2018.- Dinant, launched two new Zixx soap varieties and a new peanut flavor from the Yummies seed family.

    The Zixx Neutro is added to the Home Care portfolio, which treats your clothes like your skin, this fragrance is integrated with a white and pink floral bouquet that transmits care and delicacy. At the same time its woody and creamy notes wrapped in a natural sweetness of vanilla and coumarin give simplicity and sophistication that besides cleaning, it will take care of your skin.

    In addition, now we have Zixx Nenitos, a great ally to save money, effort and time, being able in that way to dedicate it to the ones we love the most, our family. It offers fragrance and softness for longer time, because the love and
    protection that our children need in their first moments of life are in this delicate and homely aroma with touches of cotton flower, a floral heart and a scented background that envelops and protects the clothes for the little ones.

    Luis Rivera, Dinant´s Home Care division manager mentioned that “Zixx continues to innovate, now with Neutro and Nenitos we offer our consumers two new options to take care of their clothes and their skin in the best way, with more softness, greater fragrance and helping them to save effort and money”.

    While Yummies, leader in its category, expands its portfolio of products with vinegar and chili peanuts, the only product of seeds with this flavor on the market, whose vinegary and spicy touch is the favorite of consumers according to a carried-out research.

    “The peanut category is becoming increasingly important in Central America and the world for its high nutritional value, which is why Yummies takes care of offering it with an innovative touch of great flavor” said Luis Weddle, Snacks Yummies grand manager.

    With these new products and promotions, Dinant reaffirms its leadership in the national and regional market, as an innovative company in constant expansion.