Miguel Facusse foundation supports Zacate Grande water project

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  • miércoles 20 enero 2016

    Miguel Facusse foundation supports Zacate Grande water project

    Dinant Executive President Announces Funding of Clean Water Aqueduct

    The Miguel Facusse Foundation, named in honor of Corporación Dinant’s founder and former Executive President, is joining forces with the Honduran National Congress, the Mayor of Amapala and others to fund and build an aqueduct that will carry 20,000 gallons of drinking water to the people of Zacate Grande in southern Honduras.

    The project, expected to cost around 2 million lempiras, will directly benefit the residents of Los Huatales, Las Pilas and Tierras Coloradas in San Lorenzo, Valle, who currently have to walk several hours each day to and from the nearest source of clean water and then carry water home in buckets and jugs.

    Miguel Mauricio Facusse – President of the Foundation and head of Corporación Dinant – commented, “I am delighted to be continuing the important work of my late father, Miguel Facusse Barjum, in supporting families in Zacate Grande. Everyone needs and deserves access to clean water for drinking, cooking, cleaning and sanitation. Thanks to the support of the Miguel Facusse Foundation, its partners, and student volunteers from the UK, US and Canada, we will soon achieve that goal for the people of Zacate Grande.”

    Today’s announcement follows the Miguel Facusse Foundation’s award of land titles to 80 families living in Zacate Grande in May 2015.

    Mr. Facusse continued, “Like my father, I am passionate about the wider benefits that responsible businesses can bring to society. Together, the Miguel Facusse Foundation and Corporación Dinant positively impact the lives of so many people in Honduras. The Zacate Grande water project will connect villages, schools and churches to a fresh water supply, enabling local people – particularly children and the elderly – to lead much healthier lives. I am proud that the Foundation is making this exciting and essential development possible.”

    Since 1994, the Facusse family and Corporación Dinant have given over 600 land titles to low-income families, schools and societies in the Langues, Huatales, Earth Cheles, La Negra, Puerto Grande, La Flor, El Golfo and Punta Novillo communities in Zacate Grand, amounting to over 800 hectares of land. For many years, the Miguel Facusse Foundation has worked with Zacate Grande communities to develop school programs, medical teams, food supplies, sports tournaments, recreation areas, forest conservation, and the breeding and releasing of endangered species, such as green iguanas and red macaws.

    Tegucigalpa, Honduras, January 20, 2016
    Roger Pineda, roger.pineda@dinant.com , +(504) 2239-8800