Mazola Support the Fight against Breast Cancer in Honduras and Guatemala

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  • jueves 21 noviembre 2019

    Mazola Support the Fight against Breast Cancer in Honduras and Guatemala

    November 21, 2019. Dinant, through its Mazola brand, closed its campaign in support of the fight against Breast Cancer, with the delivery of significant donations to the Emma Romero de Callejas Foundation, in Honduras and at AmandoT Group of Guatemala.

    The donation of L250,000 was made, which will be used for the fight against cancer maintained by the CCERC, an institution that has provided medical care for more than 25 years in Honduras; In the same way, 76,500 quetzals were delivered to meet the needs of the AmandoT House in Guatemala, a place focused on providing assistance to women suffering from any type of cancer and that will become operational in the coming months to give a better quality of life to those who fight against these diseases.

    Last October, Mazola launched some of its presentations with a distinctive Mazola Oil rose of 443 ml, 750 ml and 800 ml, which allowed to allocate a percentage of the sale, in support of the fight against breast cancer.

    Fabricio Ochoa, Brand Manager of Mazola, commented: “Mazola says he is present in this tireless struggle, because we know that we cannot lower our guard, hard work is required on issues of early detection and support for those who are in full battle, we We identify with this work and deliver these valuable funds. ”

    Mazola, continues to ensure the health of Central Americans, offering cholesterol-free fats and oils, with 0% trans fat, making it a healthy cooking tradition.

    ¡With MAZOLA, you are not alone!