Mazola celebrates mom with her campaign “A mother is born”

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  • miércoles 29 mayo 2019

    Mazola celebrates mom with her campaign “A mother is born”

    Tegucigalpa, May 2019.- Mazola, the brand of fats and oils preferred by Hondurans, celebrated Mother’s Day in the maternity ward of San Felipe Hospital.

    With the campaign “Nace una mamá”, Mazola awarded 30 Hondurans who became mothers in the month of May at the Hospital San Felipe.

    They were given a kit with basic items for a newborn such as diapers, wet wipes, pepes and toiletries.

    In addition, Mazola awarded in this new stage to a first-time mom, providing a kit of personal hygiene kits, a bathtub, clothes, diapers, pepes and car for your baby.

    Fabricio Ochoa, brand manager of Mazola, said: “Our visit to the Maternity Ward of the San Felipe Hospital is a recognition to those mothers who give everything for their families and their children, Mazola is a brand
    committed to the health of its consumers and that’s why we wanted to have this approach on such a special date.”

    Thanks to the preference of consumers, Mazola projects with activities of this type, focused on having a positive impact on the integral well-being of the family and as part of Dinant’s commitment as a Socially Responsible

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    ¡Mazola, delicious meals and a healthy hear!