Dinant welcomes attorney general’s office investigation into Bajo Aguán region

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  • sábado 8 marzo 2014

    Dinant welcomes attorney general’s office investigation into Bajo Aguán region

    Dinant shows full support and willingness to co-operate from the beginning

    Honduras, 7 March, 2014 – Dinant immediately welcomed the decision by the Honduras Attorney General to undertake a special investigation into the land disputes in the Bajo Aguán region, and has expressed its willingness to cooperate fully with all enquiries.

    In a recent interview with local media, Roger Pineda, Dinant’s spokesperson, shared the company’s support for the investigation while addressing the Aguán community and media. He said, “We’re very grateful that this investigation is being established. This is an issue that we have been demanding for a long time, the explanation of the situation in the region of Aguán.”

    Dinant is pleased the Attorney General’s office has established this investigation and immediately assured all concerned that they will provide their full support. Mr. Pineda continued, “Undoubtedly, we have always expressed our willingness to cooperate with the authorities on every single situation that has been denounced.”

    Since Dinant was founded in 1960, it has strived to implement policies and practices that promote environmental and social sustainability. Dinant’s Corporate Security Policy and Code of Ethics is based on the Voluntary Principles on Security and Human Rights, a commonly accepted benchmark for corporate operations, as well as national
    and international standards. For four consecutive years, Dinant has been recognized as a Socially Responsible Corporation by the Honduran Corporate Social Responsibility Foundation (FUNDAHRSE by its Spanish acronym), in recognition of our good practices.

    About Dinant Corporation

    Dinant, a company of Honduran origin with presence in Central America and the Caribbean, offers consumer products of superior quality at competitive prices. Dinant is a world-class company committed to the region’s economic development, corporate social responsibility, environment, communities and their employees.

    Media contact: Roger Pineda, roger.pineda@dinant.com