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  • YEAR

    Dinant Chemical of Central America S.A. of CV is born

    With a share capital of $ 3,500 and the later achievement of a $ 175,000 loan, Miguel Facusse Barjum, on July 13, 1960, forms Dinant Chemical of Central America, for the manufacturing of soap, detergents, and cleaning products, under a contract with Procter & Gamble, American Home Products, Stepan Chemical Company, and Chemsearch Corporation.

  • YEAR

    Incursion in detergent manufacturing

    With the acquired experience and supported on a group of Hondurans, it incurs in the market of home cleaning products, with the detergent brand “Doña Blanca” and “Audaz”, (1967); “Ganex” and “Supremo”, (1968); “Soberano” soap, (1969) for sale exclusively in Guatemala; “Xedex”, (1975) and “Magia Blanca” bleach, in 1986. Since 1966 it started with “Xedex” and “Unox” as specialized institutional products.

  • YEAR

    Personal care products are developed

    Under the name of the toilet soap “Ahora” Dinant Chemical incurs in the personal care product market, later, commercially releasing the toilet soaps “Le Gardien” and “Bontá”; for 1971, the toothpaste “Fresca” is commercialized.

  • YEAR

    Market release of “Naturas” foods

    Known for his perseverance and discipline, Miguel Facusse decides to widen his business and introduces itself for the first time in food business, with the brand “Naturas”, which sets a historical milestone, by changing the consumption habits in tomato derived products, which were canned through laminated packaging (Stand up Pouch), which besides extending the product’s life, it conserves its flavor, benefits the end consumer directly, by offering a more economic packaging. Additionally, “Naturas” tamales are developed for the nostalgic market in the USA, which maintains its whole flavor for up to two years.

  • YEAR

    Presents Yummies Snacks

    With an industrial type deep frier à la chip cooker, with capacity for 175 pounds of fried product, and a plantain slicer, Dinant produces its first plantain chips that were cut in slices as large and rectangular bars.

  • YEAR

    Incursion in the Agricultural field

    With the cultivation of the Oil Palm, Dinant opens an oil extraction plant and invests in additional fields for the making of soaps, export of Grapefruit, tomatoes, and planting of plantains for Snacks.

  • YEAR

    Dinant sells the Food and Home Care divisions to Unilever

    After a long process, in March 2000, Miguel Facusse signs with the multinational Unilever, the sale of his creation brands: “Naturas”, of the Food division, and “Xedex”, “Xtra”, and “Unox” of the Home Care division. Dinant keeps the agricultural business and its Snacks division with sole presence for Honduras.

  • YEAR

    Dinant aquires the brand Mazola

    The Fats & Edible Oil business begins as Mazola is acquired, a commercial brand with renowned worldwide prestige.

  • YEAR

    Dinant Corporation emerges, a company with worldwide reach

    In the year 2005, at 81 years of age, Miguel Facussé begins once again what he proudly calls a world class leading company, “Dinant Corporation”, a company which, added to its capacity to commercialize, abilities to innovate in products and ideas that represent real world novelties, have consolidated leadership and constant growth of the companies of the Dinant group.

  • YEAR

    Dinant introduces in the market the food brand “Issima”

    Issima offers a wide culinary variety which includes tomato pastes and sauces, stir-frys, ketchup, instant soups, broths, and seasonings. Parallel to this, a new concept in hot sauces with the brand “Schilos” is proposed.

  • YEAR

    Launching of the Homecare line with the brands “Zixx” and “Suavissimo”

    Dinant breaks in the Central American market with an impressive force, with: bleach and bleach gel, laundry soaps, disinfectants and clothes softeners, the latter under the name “Suavíssimo”.

  • YEAR


    With impressive strength in the Snacks, Foods, Home Care, Fats and Oils, and Agricultural business markets, Dinant is placed as one of the companies with greater penetration at a regional level, with presence in the Central American market, USA, and the Caribbean.