Education and Health

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Education and Health

Community Education Program

Through the hiring of teachers, Dinant has financed direct education for more than 5,000 children in the Leán and Aguán valleys.

This program also includes:

  • 1,000 school grants for our collaborator’s children, as incentive for their academic excellence
  • School grants for our employee’s adulthood
  • University grants for superior studies
  • All grants include provision of school utensils, registration, monthly fees, and graduation expenses 

Community Health Program

Our collaborators and neighbors of some of the communities where we operate are benefited with more than 8,000 free medical consultations per year, in 5 of our clinics located at San Pedro Sula, Léan, and the Valley of Aguán, where our medical team and nurses provide primary health care, medicines, and vaccination and chronic disease prevention campaigns.

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