Communal Relating

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Communal Relating

Dinant has been operating in Honduras for nearly 60 years, we are proud of our Honduran heritage and of the contribution that we make to the country’s economic health.  This is the reason why we, aside from meeting our client’s expectations, strive to improve life in the communities and the environment where we operate.

Our Ethics Code and Security Policy are based on the Security and Human Rights Voluntary Principles, an internationally accepted reference for entrepreneurial operations.

Thanks to a series of sustainable development projects, Dinant has improved living standards, skills, education, employment indexes, and health of the people who inhabit the communities where we operate.

Since 2009 Dinant has received the seal as SRE (Socially Responsible Enterprise) by the Honduran Foundation of Social Entrepreneurial Responsibility, FUNDAHRSE, in recognition of our good practices.

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