Understanding Agreement

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  • miércoles 20 febrero 2013

    Understanding Agreement

    Dinant and Xatruch Joint Task Force, sign an Understanding Agreement Memorandum.

    Dinant has signed an understanding agreement with the Xatruch Joint Task Force, based on the Voluntary Principles in Security and Human Rights, to make clear the responsibilities of both institutions, where Dinant will support Xatruch for them to fulfill their function of seeking law order and accomplishment in the Aguán Valley.

    The essence of this agreement highlights the commitment to consultation, respect, communication, medical attention, identification of existing threats, contingency plan, emergency management and all work that leads to the development of procedures to keep peace and harmony in the area.

    To accomplish with what is stated in the agreement between Dinant and the Xatruch Joint Task Force, they both declare themselves entities of respect for the laws, for the support of conflict resolutions, grievance mechanism resolution, respect for private property, control of use of weapons and security equipment or the use of force to prevent damage to third parties.

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