Dinant Statement On The San Isidro Plantation

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  • domingo 10 marzo 2019

    Dinant Statement On The San Isidro Plantation

    Tegucigalpa, Honduras, March 10th, 2019: Yesterday, on Saturday March 09 2019, a group of people associated with the MARCA movement once again trespassed on Dinant’s San Isidro Plantation in the Aguán.

    As with all such events, Dinant rigorously followed the company’s Security and Human Rights protocols. Thanks to these policies, no incidents were reported, despite the aggressive behavior of the people who undertook this illegal act.

    Upon learning of the trespassing, Dinant immediately proceeded to carry out the legal procedures to enable the public authorities to peacefully evict the trespassers. However, even though military and police authorities were ready to evict the trespassers, for reasons that we still do not understand, local judicial authorities decided that the eviction should not to take place.

    It is important to state that, even though MARCA has issued statements in the past claiming that they have title deeds over this property, they have failed to share with interested third parties that a judicial court ruling issued by the Honduran Supreme Court of Justice ordered that these title deeds be revoked as they were obtained fraudulently.

    Dinant will continue to carry out all legal actions to demand the trespassers to be evicted from the property, in accordance with the Hondurans laws related to private property rights.

    The company calls upon the trespassers to respect the human rights of Dinant employees, whose livelihoods are affected by this kind of illegal activity.