Dinant Participate in the XII Industrial Congress of ANDI

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  • miércoles 13 noviembre 2019

    Dinant Participate in the XII Industrial Congress of ANDI

    San Pedro Sula, November 13, 2019 – Dinant successfully participated in the XII Congress of the National Association of Industrialists (ANDI), during which a series of panels focused on professional development was developed.

    The participation of Dinant was delegated to Roger Pineda, Director of Corporate Relations and Sustainability, participating in the panel “Actions in professional training of the industrial sector”, where he highlighted Dinant’s successful experiences in the subject and the importance of capacity development of his employees, thus ensuring that the company remains competitive, as well as its personal and professional development.

    Currently, large companies, such as Dinant, are betting on differentiation strategies where innovation plays a predominant role in incorporating trained human value to be more competitive; That is why ANDI has selected Dinant as a participant in this congress, where he shared his vision and actions on the subject.

    “Without a doubt, our most valuable asset is the human resource, that is why in Dinant we are in charge of training it to grow at the same rate as the industry grows worldwide; which has allowed us to achieve so many achievements in almost 60 years of operation, ”said Roger Pineda.

    Since its founding in 1960, Dinant has stood out for innovation, for its contribution to the communities with which it relates and for being an industry with a constant focus on the training of its human capital, which allows it to offer innovative products and Highest quality for consumers.