Our History


Corporaćion Dinant is a family-owned consumer products manufacturer whose food and cleaning brands are renowned for their high quality and value.  Founded in Honduras by Miguel Facussé in 1960 - and with extensive operations in Guatemala, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Costa Rica, and the Dominican Republic - Dinant produces high-quality snacks, cooking oils, processed foods, fruits and vegetables, and home care products for sale throughout Central America, the Dominican Republic and for export to global markets


Dinant’s leading brands include: Yummies and Xixi snacks, Mazola cooking oils, Íssima soups and sauces, Schilo’s hot sauces, Áltima fresh fruit and vegetables, and Zixx and Suavissimo Home Care products.


Dinant, has succeeded in revitalizing its regional presence, achieving undisputed leadership with their brands. This is complemented with the growth of the agricultural sector that provides the main raw materials for the manufacturing of consumer products, also the production of fruits and vegetables for export and expansion of food products that satisfy the most demanding.


On this tour we have demonstrated our commitment to the region's economic development and corporate social responsibility, creating an image of credibility that allows us to have harmonious relations with the environment, communities and our employees.


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