We show you how to organize your day

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  • viernes 20 julio 2018

    We show you how to organize your day

    We show you how to organize your day by applying these simple tips in order to control your compromises and better manage your time.


    Being organized requires following a daily fixed-task plan which, aside some exceptions, won’t change until next semester or year. Organized people are more productive because they will prepare for unexpected events, which allows them to focus on their activities. Become one of these persons by applying our tips and enjoy the results.

    1. Sort out how your next day will be

    Prepare with anticipation by thinking which compromises you must fulfill the next day, what tasks or activities you have planned and the amount of free time that you have. Moving ahead of what will happen to you tomorrow will help you establish schedules, as well as taking preventive measures against contingencies.

    You will manage your time more efficiently than if you sort out on the fly, because an item which you can’t control will always slip through, and it’s better to make space for it by mastering what you know will inevitably occur.

    2. Create routines

    Routines are made of habits that guide your day to day, so that if you establish schedules or a progressive order to organize your next day, you will benefit of the extra time which you will receive from your planning.

    A habit shouldn’t be monotonous if, for example, each night at the same time you cook your lunch, memorize words in a different language, or make a video call with your friends who are in the same situation.

    3. Stick a calendar on your fridge

    Normally we are immersed in a lot of daily activities which occupy the majority of our week, which is why it’s useful to make a calendar, structured as a chart in a simple sheet.

    Write down the days in the header of the sheet – you will use horizontally-, schedule ranges in a left-hand column, and beside it, fill in the fields with your activities such as college classes, work hours, English courses, gym, pilates, yoga, swimming, craftwork, instruments, or whatever you daily activities are.

    4. Take a planner with you

    We often say it and will never get tired of doing so: planners help to organize by writing down those reunions, events, or essential meetings. It is important to go over it daily because it will work as an external aid for your memory. At the same time, organize your work in electronic spreadsheets that you will be able to consult at any moment from your email drive, through your cell phone.

    5. Write lists down

    What could be more organized than writing to-do lists? Work, study related subjects, shopping, travel gifts, or whatever you wish to write down. You don’t even have to worry about losing the page because there are free mobile apps that were released specifically for list making, even when dealing with personal aspirations or annual goals.

    6. Use techniques which will optimize your inbox

    Accumulating emails in your inbox is the beginning of chaos in your personal and professional life, because you will have to sort, read, and process too much. Besides checking daily your account, use color labels to classify the mails that you receive, use the favorites system by clicking on the yellow stars when something is very important, eliminate all that no is longer relevant, and move essential information to your Drive.

    7. Avoid procrastination

    The repetitive act of leaving everything for later will drive you to an exaggerated amount of pending tasks which you will have to solve at the last moment on Friday, when you undergo the end of the week’s exhaustion. Reply to your emails as soon as possible, perform unexpected work orders as soon as you receive the notice, complete your student tasks the same day as the teacher assigns them, make that phone call that you’ve been postponing, and in the language class write down what you plan from the beginning of the year.

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