Corporate Videos


- DINANT Corporate video - 

Dinant is a socially responsible company, leader in the manufacturing of high quality food and home care products in which our strongest pillar is our employees






- Sustainable corozo extraction documentary -

Dinant is helping more than 400 families of ethnic communities alongside the Honduran Atlantic coastline by integrating them to our chain of value.



- Small holder farmers, succes story of Mr. Porfirio Ramírez -


Our program for small holder farmers includes training and technical advice on finance, the appropriate use of cultivation and fertilization, improved farm infrastructure and efficient transportation of fresh fruit bunches.







- Dinant's Enviormental Balance -


Dinant concentrates its efforts in preserving the land that we share with other living beings. This more than an obligation its a commitment to return to nature what it has given us to sustain ourselves. (Video in Spanish)




-  Dinant Youtube Channel -

We invite you to visit out Youtube channel, where you can watch more videos about our company and products.


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