MAZOLA Passion for life and healthy cuisine.



Delicious meals, and a healthy heart!

  • Presentation: Spout Pack of 180 ml, 443 ml, 750 ml. Bottles of 32 oz, Galon.

  • Unit per package: 48, 24,18, 12 and 6 units respectively.



Can be used not only to smear like ordinary margarines, but also you can use it for frying, searing, cooking and baking.

  • Presentation:450 grams

  • Unit per package: 24 units



Delicious meals are cooked with the new MAZOLA PLUS Cooking lard, because it highlights the natural flavor of meals, it is healthy and lasting, its great!


  • Presentation: 1/2 lb., 1 lb. and 1 Kg.

  • Units per package: 50 and 25 units

NEW MAZOLA PLUS Cooking Lard...Lasting ... Tasty ...Healthy  
and always remember... Eat Well and Live Healthy



By nature it contains vitamin E with an antioxidant function, omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids.

With healthy properties its perfect for sautéing vegetables, frying, seasoning meat, home made vinaigrettes and baking bread.

  • Galon, Box of 6 units
  • 32 Oz., Box 12 units





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