MIguel Facusse Biography

Miguel Facusse

Executive President


Miguel Facusse, considered by many as the "king of the brands", born in Tegucigalpa, Honduras, on 14 August 1924.


After obtaining a Bachelor of Science in Aeronautical Engineering from the University of Notre Dame in the USA, he moved to Costa Rica, where he served as General Manager of Taca Airways System, Latin American aeronautical services (SALA) and as a consultant in SAHSA.


After living in San Jose, returns to Honduras to work in Rio Lindo Textiles, a company of his brother George, who worked for nearly a decade.


Entrepreneurial spirit


In July of 1960, Miguel Facusse took on the challenge of forming his own company and constituted Dinant Chemicals of Central America S.A. then made an alliance with international companies Procter & Gamble and American Home Products, among others; in addition he led distributing companies to sell their own products.


In 1970, he ventured into the business of food, with the creation and establishment of the Naturas brand. In the same way, began agricultural ventures in Comayagua, through the cultivation of tomatoes soon after going into the emerging new market of snacks he went into production, creating the Yummies brand.


With the bankruptcy of the majority of the farmers' cooperatives, in the decade of the 80 's, the African palm the intent was to disappear. At that time, Miguel Facusse invests into the agricultural sector by cultivating crops in the area, opening an Oil Plant Stripper and investing in the purchase of additional land to expand the Palm crops, with the objective to integrate these products to the industrial chain of producing soaps; additionally entering strongly to the planting of grapefruit, tomato and bananas.


In 1991, consolidates the operations at the regional level under the name Cressida Corporation and leads the Central American market with laundry and  personal hygiene products with the brands: Doña Blanca, Supreme soap, Pine Sol, Azistin, Xedex, Xtra, Magia Blanca, Fresca, Ahora and Bonta;.


In the late 90's Cressida Corporation, was considered the most successful distribution company within the region and one of the most advanced technologies of the world because of their factories, which arouses the interest of large multinational corporations that had expressed their intent to purchase. After a year and a half of negotiations, in March 2000, Unilever acquires the assets of their brands.


A new challenge


In 2005, Miguel Facusse decides to start a new businesses venture via Dinant, brand which currently supports food, snacks, edible fats and oils and home care products, as well as an agricultural division, which is an important source of raw materials for the production of such products for mass consumption and export. Currently, Dinant maintains operations in Central America and the Dominican Republic.

In 2004, Miguel Facusse bought the trademark for the "MAZOLA" of Central America to the transnational Unilever. Later, in 2006,  he launches a new brad  “Issima’, that includes noodle soups, bouillon, adobo, spaghetti, noodles, Salsitas (tomato based sauces), tomato paste, ketchup, vegetable and tomato based sauces, cooking lard, vegetable oil and the innovative new Super margarine. Parallel to this, Miguel Facusse proposes a new line of products of pickles, spicy pickled vegetables and hot sauces, known today as "Schilos".


In 2012 launches the Homecare division, under the brand Zixx, with products such as chlorine, soap for washing clothes, disinfectant and fabric softener, the latter under the name Suavissimo.


At present, the agriculture division focused on the African palm crop and focuses its efforts to major investments for the production of biodiesel, biogas plants and biomass for steam generation, all clean energies keeping a better control of pollutants by reducing  emissions to the environment.


Civic Leadership



  • Miguel Facusse maintains a vision of sustainable growth promoting economic prosperity, social development, and the welfare of the community in business ventures.

    Within these actions, Dinant is recognized for its work in Corporate Social Responsibility is the perfect example of this vision and becoming one of the entrepreneurs with greater vision positioning Honduras as an important production center within the DR-CAFTA system. This fact represents a strong differentiator of his personality in regard to other entrepreneurs, because Miguel Facusse has meant an important contribution to the globalization and leap from Honduras to the world.


    As part of his spirit of leadership, Miguel Facusse has reached significant positions in professional entities such as:

  • President of The National Industry Association (ANDI)
  • President of the Federation of Central American Industries Associations (FECAICA)
  • President of the Federation of Private Entities of Central America (FEDEPRICA)
  • President of the Federation of Tegucigalpa Commerce and Industries Assembly (CCIT)




  • “Most distinguished Industrialist", FECAICA.
  • “Distinguished Entrepreneur ", Assembly of Commerce and Industries of Comayagua.
  • The Boris Goldstein Award to the "most outstanding entrepreneur" and " Distinguished Entrepreneur ", Honduran Council of Private Enterprises (COHEP).
  • "Gold Medal" for his contribution to the momentum of the educational reforms to higher education, National Autonomous University of Honduras (UNAH).
  • " Distinguished Central American" Medal for his contributions to the Central American Integration, Secretariat of Central American Economic Integration (SIECA).
  • Honor Decoration in the Degree "Grand Cross gold plate", the National Republic Congress.
  • "Merit to democracy in the degree of Great Gentleman", Second Permanent Institutional Commission of the Senate of the Republic of Colombia.
  • CEAL Founders Award, Business Council of Latin America


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